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Our interactive environments let users simultaneously share and evaluate ideas and solutions. Here’s how.

Users join a course in one of two roles to create a simulated market:
Innovators share products and solutions to real-world challenges, as determined by the course instructor.
Investors include mentors, coaches, and aspiring entrepreneurs who evaluate innovators' solutions, give feedback, and invest with the goal of identifying quality.

The instructor targets specific tasks and content (according to course focus) and introduces dynamic news (real or fictional).

The result is a dynamic learning environment, modeling the real world, where CEOs/Innovators and Investors continually adjust and re-adjust in an attempt to identify quality.
simCEO Basics
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Sometimes all you need are some simple tools to get started. We’re sharing a few for free below. Join a simCEO course and get access to so much more - including personalized feedback on your ideas from your instructor and other students in your course. This is social learning at its best!

Share your ideas, and adjust them along the way within a changing environment.

Learning from others as you see how they solve similar challenges.

Share your feedback to other students to help them improve, and be open to their feedback about how you can improve.
Your simCEO Virtual Office
Your simCEO Virtual Office

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An effective Pitch Deck is the best way to communicate your business idea to investors and potential partners.

  • Learn the basics of each key slide in our pitch deck template.
  • Compare three real pitch decks from companies.
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Enjoy your pitch decks!

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