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Topic(s): Investing Pitch Deck Business Plan/Strategy Branding Message

Age: Under 18
Dates: Mar 11 - Apr 12 2019
Register by: Mar 8 2019
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Specifications & Features
Participants join a course in one of two roles. Basic
Investor only
Investor & CEO
Interact in a fictional stock market combining entrepreneurs (sharing business ideas and managing companies) with investors (seeking to learn from and invest in companies).
Review and give feedback to CEOs on pitch deck and business plan.
Analyze news articles and evaluate CEO responses and market impact.
Reflect on investment rationale and awareness of other investors' reflections.
Pre/Post Assessment
Download / Adapt three free pitch deck samples.
Complete guided assignments to finish and share a pitch deck and/or business plan.
Learn from feedback from participants and instructors.
Your goal: Ending with the highest share price.
Your goal: Maximizing your portfolio by investing in companies, mutual funds, and CDs.

Registration Cost

Investor: $20.00

CEO & Investor: $40.00
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This course is best suited to support young entrepreneurs under the age of 18.  (Ages are not verified.) The course is a product-based course focused on the development and improvement of effective pitch decks. 

All participants in this course will receive three sample pitch deck formats in PPT format which can be altered by each user to create his/her own pitch deck in the future. Additionally each particpant will receive three real pitch decks used by real companies which provide models for each of the key slides which make up a pitch deck.

Participants will be active learners in applying basic skills and core principles of entrepreneurship within a simulated environment involving participants (CEOs and Investors). All users initially review resources outlining best practices in entrepreneurship.

Users joining this course as CEOs will put these principles and resources into action by developing a pitch deck to summarize the key components of their business. These components can be later further developed into pieces of a business plan. As the simulation develops, CEOs manage their company by reacting and adjusting to news stories. CEOs are assessed on their understanding of course content through:

  • The products they produce, within a dynamic real-world environment with changing news articles to encourage adjustments
  • Pre/Post assessments
  • Assignments and reflections shared with the instructor and/or the entire simulation.

Investors learn entrepreneurial skills and are assessed on their understanding of content through:

  • Giving feedback on the quality of CEO’s responses through buying/selling shares and direct written feedback.
  • Pre/Post assessments
  • Assignments and reflections shared with the instructor and/or the entire simulation.

At the end of this course, all users will:

  1. Understand the purpose of a stock market and how a stock market functions.
  2. Strengthen entrepreneurial problem-solving skills by:
    1. Developing a successful pitch deck according to best practices, and effectively managing that business within a dynamic environment by reacting to shared news article and investor/instructor feedback. (CEOs only)
    2. Evaluating other CEOs' ideas and abilities to develop business plans and manage companies according to best practices in entrepreneurship. (All users)
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of current events news stories, and the effect those articles will have on specific businesses.
  4. Strengthen skills in proactively seeking feedback from other participants.
  5. Assess feedback from the instructor and peers, and evaluate feedback to use in making potential improvements.

Learning should be fun and relevant.

Our interactive, dynamic environment keeps learning active for instructors and students, allowing customizations and adaptations along the way to target specific skills at specific levels of complexity.

Most importantly, our learning platform transforms learning from the traditional… to the real world.

Students finish our courses with tangible experience, taking action and creating products they can use in the future. Additionally, they have the opportunity to receive feedback on what they create from a variety of users - helping to fine-tune the quality and message.

Learning is more than summarizing content understanding. It is demonstrated by how effectively we can apply that content into a tangible product that is valued by others. That’s how learning is in the real world, and we think it’s time online learning took a big step in that direction.

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