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Age: All
Dates: Oct 2 - Oct 31 2019
Register by: Oct 1 2019
Status: Open

Specifications & Features
Participants join a course in one of two roles. Basic
Investor only
Investor & CEO
Interact in a fictional stock market combining entrepreneurs (sharing business ideas and managing companies) with investors (seeking to learn from and invest in companies).
Review and give feedback to CEOs on pitch deck and business plan.
Analyze news articles and evaluate CEO responses and market impact.
Reflect on investment rationale and awareness of other investors' reflections.
Pre/Post Assessment
Download / Adapt three free pitch deck samples.
Complete guided assignments to finish and share a pitch deck and/or business plan.
Learn from feedback from participants and instructors.
Your goal: Ending with the highest share price.
Your goal: Maximizing your portfolio by investing in companies, mutual funds, and CDs.

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This course is recommended for any prospective instructor on our educational site (

It is mandatory for any prospective instructor who desires to lead a course on our public site at

The course can be completed in 2-3 hours, but takes place over a 14 day period. Users can complete the tasks and get feedback at their convenience. Users will learn the operational / navigational features of simCEO. Additionally, users will be learn the unique pedagogical type of project-based learning that leverages simCEO unique platform, and learn how to set up student learning tasks to take advantage of this to produce transformational learning.

All users will assume the role of a student, and then transition into the role of an instructor. Users will finish the course with a completed framework for YOUR prospective simCEO course, including feedback from the simCEO administrators and other user course participants (prospective instructors) to provide improvements to your initial ideas.

Users should have already completed our Instructor Prompts: Quick Questions to Guide Your Planning. Each participant's answers were emailed, and user's will want these answers nearby while they are complete this Training Course.

This course will require approximately 3 hours of work. This can be done at any time after registration. However, approximately 30 minutes of work will need to be completed after the Course Start Date in order to see the simulated Stock Market in action.

All users will be asked to give feedback to other prospective instructors on at least one element of their course design. Users are expected to share questions within the simulation to help improve the group's understanding.

Assignments and due dates are detailed in the syllabus. There are no daily expectations for this course, but the dynamic nature of the course includes news articles and frequent updates and adjustments. Because of this, successful participants will likely login daily and spend 20-30 minutes per day to analyze the current environment.

Outcomes/Objectives: At the end of this course, each user will be able to:

Guides users to understand the unique learning of the simCEO learning platform to leverage student learning through producing solutions/products and facilitating social feedback instead of mere comprehenshion.

Specifically, users will:

  1. Understand the unique learning model that simCEO represents, and how to best leverage this model to maximize learning.
  2. Customize the simulation’s environment and assignments to solicit unique, personalized student responses, ensuring a variety of contexts for content to be applied.
  3. Understand the difference between assignments and tasks which
    1. Demonstrate content recall/summary, compared to
    2. Demonstrate content application in one context, compared to
    3. Demonstrate content application and product/solution development within a student’s context.
  4. Understand the basic navigation elements of simCEO, including
    1. How instructors:
      1. select and set dates for their course
      2. add resources for students
      3. add assignments for students
      4. use the grade book
      5. give students feedback / communicate.
      6. can influence stock prices, if desired
    2. How students:
      1. Create a “company” / Share a solution.
      2. Research each other’s company
      3. How students buy/sell shares of a company
      4. How students give feedback to each other.
  5. Plan their own course in our Course Planning Template (if desired) and understand the basic timeline of a simCEO course / simulation, including:
    1. Registration Process for instructors and students
    2. Course Set-Up
    3. Typical instructor actions during the course
    4. Typical student actions within the course
  6. End the course with the framework and basic elements for their own course, including
    1. A course environment (time/place)
    2. Learning outcomes
    3. Student resources
    4. Assignments (private and public)
    5. News articles
    6. Assessment techniques (if desired)

All users will be assessed on their understanding with interactive quizzes.

Learning should be fun and relevant.

Our interactive, dynamic environment keeps learning active for instructors and students, allowing customizations and adaptations along the way to target specific skills at specific levels of complexity.

Most importantly, our learning platform transforms learning from the traditional… to the real world.

Students finish our courses with tangible experience, taking action and creating products they can use in the future. Additionally, they have the opportunity to receive feedback on what they create from a variety of users - helping to fine-tune the quality and message.

Learning is more than summarizing content understanding. It is demonstrated by how effectively we can apply that content into a tangible product that is valued by others. That’s how learning is in the real world, and we think it’s time online learning took a big step in that direction.

If you are an instructor, and interested in offering a course using our platform, reach out and learn more.

Profile Background

This course is led by simCEO creator Derek Luebbe and partner Christie Mckee. Both have over 20 years experience in education in multple levels and in multiple roles.